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My favorite part of the 4th down Gore up the gut Gase special is how the lone WR goes in motion to bring the 11th defender into the box right before the snap. Genius!

Geez, rooting for the jags to win is almost as exhausting as rooting for jets wins

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Just now, Bleedin Green said:

I won't hate on Mims at all for that penalty.  There's plenty of times that won't get called, especially if he ends up being as good as he looks like he can be.

Great try but he has to learn not to suffocate the DB as he goes up to do that. HE will make catches like that - you can see he has the athleticism to do it. 

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I’ve been a defender of Sam, but that pass just cannot even be tried by a QB in his third year.  Intercepts due to lack of protection or receivers being in the wrong place in the play design are excusable.  Throwing across your body is something he should have stopped doing by now.

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2 minutes ago, munchmemory said:

Can I say that was a bad throw without getting neg repped?  lol  So many clueless saps still defending Darnold.  Learn.

We are objective.  It was a terrible throw and pick by Sam.  The problem is you criticize every throw he makes.  Just be objective.  Look I know Sam isn’t here next year but I still think in a better situation he can be a good QB

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13 minutes ago, Mackman55 said:

Ray, part of me agrees with your comments. But also part of me sees an offensive system and game plan that are so truly horrible I find it hard to make an objective judgement about any of our offensive players until Gase is gone.

It’s interceptions like this last one that convinced me that the coaching doesn’t matter. He is what he is. 

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1 minute ago, Irish Jet said:

Bench Darnold. What a disgrace.

AGAIN he created the pressure by scrambling when there was none. His is absolutely f*cking terrible. Completely broken. Get him out of the game.

He stinks but playing Flacco gives them a minor chance of victory. Dolphins haven't played well today.


Darnold guarantees 0-16.


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