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My favorite part of the 4th down Gore up the gut Gase special is how the lone WR goes in motion to bring the 11th defender into the box right before the snap. Genius!

Geez, rooting for the jags to win is almost as exhausting as rooting for jets wins

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56 minutes ago, Jet_Engine1 said:

Perrimam had to slow down and reach behind. That throw should be out front of a speed WR who had a step on his guy.


I'm glad he missed the throw, but he did indeed miss it. Again. 

i'll have to see it again to verify that.

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3 minutes ago, Philc1 said:

QW, Mims, and Becton are the only reasons to watch this team

It's something.  Hall looks like he has potential too.  Perrine a nice compliment.  Not a terrible start for JD if they can stay healthy moving forward.


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Just now, slimjasi said:

The Darnold people on here are as delusional about Sam as any player I have ever seen. The guy is visibly worse than his backup

I don't get it either.  At least look up at the scoreboard.  We have scored three points even after Miami gave us so many chances.  Yeah, Gase is a play calling idiot.  But Darnold has just looked as lost as ever.

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1 minute ago, Charlie Brown said:

No I'll say it again being on the Jets he will not be good he has lost his mentality here.  I look at the GB game his rookie year and he looked way better than now and that is coaching!

Statistically, he was bad his rookie year, too. 

And it's not all coaching. Some guys figure the NFL out, some don't.

Sam plays nervously and erratically. 

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