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“Darnold to Gore”

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We no longer have to endure the “Flacco To Gore” stupidity!  Finally!  Oh wait, now we have the “Darnold to Gore” crap.  That flies in the face of anything that’s in the best interest of the team.  Handing the ball to Gore is the essence of Gaze’s stupidity and is what drives every Jet’s fan crazy.  Having Perine out is Gaze’s wet dream.  What choice does he have other than handing the ball to the 63 year old???  How about getting Ty Johnson involved in the offense?  Last time Gaze faced the team he ruined (the Fish) Johnson ran three times for 42 yards.  Of course the moron basically shut him down since.

“Darnold to Gore” over/under today:  15.5

I’ll take the over.

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Adam Gase: Frank Gore will keep carrying a big workload

Posted by Michael David Smith on December 4, 2020, 1:14 PM EST
Getty Images

At 37 years old, Frank Gore is the oldest running back in the NFL. He’s also the Jets’ leading rusher, with 141 carries for 521 yards this season. Jets coach Adam Gase sees no reason Gore should slow down.

Some would suggest that a winless team like the Jets should be focusing on giving opportunities to young players. And some would suggest that it’s just not feasible for a 37-year-old running back to keep touching the ball 21 times a game, as Gore did when he had 18 carries and three catches in Sunday’s loss to the Dolphins. But Gase says Gore will keep plugging along.

“I think, with the amount of games we’ve got left, I feel good about [Gore’s workload]. I mean, watching him practice, you can’t tell,” Gase said, via the New York Post. “He still looks pretty good in practice.” 

Whether Gore can find an NFL running back job next year at age 38 remains to be seen. But he’s more likely to be a running back next year than Gase is to be a head coach.

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3 minutes ago, DoubleDown said:

Who else are they going to give carries to?  They traded Bell and Perine is on IR.

Ty Johnson, Josh Adams recently signed Pete Guierrero. 

Frank Gore is 3rd on the All-Time rushers list AG is just trying to pad his place in history. 

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6 minutes ago, DoubleDown said:

Who else are they going to give carries to?  They released Bell and Perine is on IR.

Should have kept Ballage. He is doing a decent job for the chargers. Maybe coach him up better on protection schemes before asking him to do it????

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