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From PFT.com


Nearly a year after sending a third-round pick to Arizona for cornerback Duane Starks, a league source tells us that the New England Patriots have cut Starks free.

The Pats also got a fifth-round pick from Arizona in the March 2005 transaction.

Starks played in seven games for the Pats last year, starting in six. He was placed on injured reserve on November 10.

By making the move, the Pats will avoid paying Starks $3.6 million in 2006 salary. It appears that his salary was reduced to the minimum of $540,000 in 2005, which implies that the team converted a significant portion of his 2005 pay to a signing bonus. Our educated guess is that the number was $3.06 million, which would translate to $1.53 million in dead money on the books for the Pats in 2006. But since 2006 was the final year of Starks' deal, there will be no extra cap hit, enabling the team to clear a full $3.6 million off of the books before free agency opens.

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He's a non entity TX. Just was suprised when you stated he was released last season.

Now dump your washed up RB along with that 2nd rd bust(Bethel Johnson).

Rotoworlds take:

Patriots released CB Duane Starks.

Starks became the poster boy for all of New England's defensive failings this year. Like David Terrell, Chad Brown, Monty Beisel, Andre Davis, and Chad Scott, he was part of a lackluster offseason for New England last year. Feb. 25 - 12:57 pm et

Source: Profootballtalk.com

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