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Did you cheer when Ruggs scored?

Did you cheer when Ruggs scored?   

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Screamed like we just kicked the game winning FG in the Super Bowl. And every Jets fan I know texted me the same. 

Yes. Well, at first I laughed and then I cheered.  So still yes. You cant blow Trevor Lawrence at this stage, I mean you can blow anyone at anytime you want and that's great! but you got to make

Happiest Jet moment since we beat New England in 2015

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And almost simultaneously seeing the 8 point play to tie the game at 24-24 by the Jags.... crazy stuff

If we win that game Gase should have been fired before he reached the locker room.

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3 minutes ago, Cp561 said:

Yes, although I immediately felt bad about it cause I'm jumping up and down for my team losing. But its for the best and gives us the best chance to turn this franchise around 

You were cheering for your team to win a ton of games with Trevor Lawrence. Nothing to feel bad about. 

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3 minutes ago, HawkeyeJet said:

I did legitimately go to another room to watch the end of the game so my 6 year old wouldn't see me rooting against them.  Didn't feel like explaining that while he's just starting to get into them.

Thank you Hawkeye, I hope your children enjoy many years watching the Jets win!


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Just now, Jetsfan80 said:

Stubborn mules always provide valuable content to JN.  

Well until I'm proven otherwise, I stand by that statement. 

Until I see people cheering for the team to win, and not to lose becausemuh#1pick. 

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4 minutes ago, JTJet said:

I can buy that angle a little bit. 

Look if I want Douglass to pick whomever he wants. No more hoping and praying for some other team to be dumb. I don’t think Lawrence is generational. But I think he is by far the prospect in the upcoming draft. I don’t think any win this season will make a difference for the franchise going forward. 

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