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Watching the building of a leader

Big Snell

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1 hour ago, Big Snell said:

.....and where in my post did I say he had a great game/season. 

I mean, "Watching the building of a leader" isn't exactly the best thread title if all you were trying to say is he's a good kid.  In the NFL, a good kid can only be a leader if he produces.  Period. 

He had everything in front of him for this final 6-game stretch of the season.  Healthy, with healthy WR's (who had been performing under Flacco).  If he managed to win just 3 of the final 6 games, he'd have pushed the Jets out of range to draft his replacement.  No chance that's happening now.

Nice kid.  But not really a leader, or at least not an effective one.  He'll do better at his next profession, but NFL QB isn't the right fit for him.

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The Jets did Darnold dirty, no doubt about it.  I was all in on Darnold and my disappointment in the way things turned out for him and the Jets really stings, but it is what it is. Never in my life have I ever cared about or rooted for a player that left MY team, but Darnold will be the first one.  I hope he becomes perennial all pro wherever he lands.

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