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He Sam Ficken missed it.


1 half. 

His name is Sergio Castillo.


The Mark Sanchez of our recent FG kicker (#6 is fitting). 

Bring back Ficken.

Speaking of Sam. He's got 0 TDs 1st half;

against (what plenty of Jet fans have reminded me of all season since the Jamal trade) the worst NFL pass defense of All-Time.

With only 122 yards. 

11/20 (call it only 50%). 

And another typical Sam Darnold day. 

QB Rating of only 73.3.

Against the NFLs worst pass defense too?

We're down 23-3 @ the half. 

Even if Castillo makes all 3 we're still down 23-12; all because our QB regardless of which NFL pass defense he's up against has an inability to keep drives going on order to score TDs; not 10 FG attempts. 

It's not the Defenses he's playing; it's him. 

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1 minute ago, Icer said:

Can't wait for another week of JN posters going to bat for Sam Darnold's sub 200 yard passing day with no TD's

Nobody is “going to bat for him”.  Nobody is saying he has no flaws or makes no mistakes.  We just don’t understand the venom many are spewing on the kid.  We understand it’s not going to work out here for him. I know fans are craving Lawrence that’s fine.  But you are acting like it’s all his fault.  If you honestly look at the protection, weapons, and coaching he had had these 3 years it’s very fair to say they have been crap.  That doesn’t  Exclude him from blame but you gotta he fair too.  Maybe he won’t be good on his next team.  Nobody knows.  But some  people still believe in a better situation that isn’t chaotic he can strive

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