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Could also play into the thought process that maybe we could actually get some real value out of a Darnold trade.  If you're the Bucs, Saints, Colts or Steelers knowing you'll likely be picking later in the 1st rd.  Are you better off taking Sam and giving up that 2 and 5 versus taking a chance on a guy through the draft.  Sam is still only 23 yrs old and will have a few years of NFL experience under his belt.  Let him sit on the bench for a year two and clear his head behind an experienced HOF type QB with a good coaching staff and maybe he can be salvaged.  I'm sure a lot of teams will think this way.  

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Rivers is not having a bad year 68% completion, 3263 yards, 20 TD, 9 INT Colts 9-4    

No, not Gase and Darnold, that doesn't qualify as an "era", more of an error, really.    But the old guard of Quarterbacks of the past 20 years, who have dominated the Playoffs, SBs, Pro Bow

Frank Reich is a great coach.  McDaniels did them such a favor.

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11 minutes ago, southparkcpa said:

NFL Coaches poll is pretty damning evidence....  that puts 5 players between Brady and Rogers.   

It's the Greg Norman debate...  Very few trophies ranks him much lower than his talent.


Talent alone is meaningless unless results are made.  1 SB appearance?  Heck Favre had 2.


James White is better than LaDainian Tomlinson because he's won Super Bowl's. 

- southparkcpa

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57 minutes ago, Jetsfan80 said:


I don't give two f**ks about independent polls.  Least reliable method of evaluating players.

Tom Brady played for a cheating franchise and was a cheater himself.  He's Lance Armstrong minus the millions raised for cancer research.  Everything he accomplished in his career is tainted.

Rich Kotite says Brady is better!!!!

And I love when you remember my best digs.



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2 hours ago, southparkcpa said:

Now sit down, relax, check your blood pressure.  It's only a game. :)

No thanks.  It's only a game except that the Patriots found a way to ruin it for 2 decades with institutional cheating.  F**k them and anyone who thinks they deserve any praise whatsoever.  It gets pretty tiresome listening to Jets fans call Tom Brady the GOAT on a Jets board.  

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