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Covid vaccines

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On 10/26/2021 at 9:54 PM, kelticwizard said:

Your link doesn't give information.  FWIW, I believe it was five or so fatal clots.  New information has come forth that points in the direction that the Johnson and Johnson shot's immunity against the Delta version of Covid doesn't last longer than a couple of months, however.


So if you can take the Pfizer or Moderna without worries about allergic reaction to Poly Ethylene Glycol, (PEG), by all means do so.


PS:  Anything more to say about the fact that 98% of the Covid patients in the hospital were UNvaccinated?  Or is that not important?

Even this is questionable now.  Heard of a hospital the other day that counts vaccinated patients as unvaccinated if the vaccine was administered more than six months prior to admission.  No way of knowing how many are doing it, but there's clearly an effort to make things sound worse than what they are.

Last year we were told in the UK that our hospitals were on the verge of collapse.  Two days ago they ran a headline saying hospitalizations are 14x higher now than this time last year.  Both of those things can't be true.  If I had to guess which one was the lie, I'd say the 14x increase.

Everyone is full of it.  

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5 hours ago, AFJF said:

Everyone is full of it.  

Can't agree on the idea that everyone is full of it, though..  You may have misheard-over here a lot of newscasters are putting it that hospitalizations and deaths are the worst since Jan of this year, which can easily be mistaken by the listener to mean deaths are worse than Jan of this year.  The hospitalization curve is likely to follow closely the death curve. Here are the figures for Covid deaths in the UK for the past week-as you can see they are far lower than Jan or 2021.


PS :You are right about the J & J vaccine declining swiftly in effectiveness.  By the end of the fourth month, the vaccine's effeciveness against infection is down to 3%.  Not kidding.


Please notice that with one fifth of the US population, the UK has only one seventh of the US Covid deaths.  And France and Germany are doing much better than the UK deathswise.

UK deaths for covid.gif

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On 11/8/2021 at 11:34 AM, Maxman said:

Please get me up to speed here though, I didn't follow this story. Didn't Aaron lie though?

They asked Rogers if he had been vaccinated.  He answered that he had been "immunized".  The immunization he took, however, was from a naturopathic practictioner designed to raise his immune level.  He told the Packers this, and they were OK with it.


The reason that Rogers went this route is that he was allergic to Poly Ethylene Glycol, an ingredient in the Pfizer and Moderna shot.  He said he didn't take the Johnson & Johnson shot because they shut down productionfor a couple of weeks when they found a couple of contaminated shipments.  That was enough to rule out Johnson & Johnson for Rodgers, even after they got the government go  ahead to give the shots again.


The temporary stoppage of J&J vaccine might not be enough to excuse Rodgers from taking it once it got the government decided the problem was cleared up, but another issue with J&J has come to light since then which in the opinion of many might provide additional justification for Rodgers to go the natural route.  That is the revelation  that after four months, the J&J vaccine is down to only 3% effectiveness rate in preventing infections. Basically useless.  This is from a study done in Texas and Utah.  Here is the video by Dr. Campbell, a British doctor in charge of emergency room services at a large British hospital.  The video is set to start at the 6 minute mark, please pay attention for 3 minutes until the 9 minute mark.  It is very informative.

  This is why I have sympathy for Rodgers.  I have the same allergy he does, I selected the J&J vaccine specifically because it didn't have PEG in it, (despite the stoppage due to contamination of  a shipment),  and now I find out after a couple of months it doesn't do any good. 


Now, I am not sure what I am going to do-take a weak possibly useless J&J booster shot, or risk taking the Pfizer or Moderna booster  shot hoping that I'm not that allergic to PEG?

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I have no sympathy for Rodgers.  ALong with his tricky little "I'm immunized play", his entire interview was chock full of misinformation... in fact, it was almost like a readers' digest of misinformation.  He really is an ass.

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1 hour ago, Rangers9 said:

btw kids can now get the vaccine but since the beginning of the pandemic 700 children in the US have died from Covid 19. https://www.cnn.com/2021/10/05/health/us-coronavirus-tuesday/index.html . The anti mask, vaccine advocates etc say statistically kids don't get as sick which is true. But what if your kid is in that 700 number. 

Not only that but with kids together in school, daycare, etc. they are an easy location for widespread transmission that the kids take home to family members--especially where masks are not required. As more transmittable variants arise that is more of a risk. The decision was made kids have to go back to schools so we can't avoid that this is a risk both for the kids and for society as a whole just because their fatality rates are lower (at least for now). 

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