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DT Folorunso Fatukasi Placed On Covid List


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this is a guy that we should keep and help build our team around. Good player playing hard. in years past he woul dbe a goner...it will be interesting to see this upcomign off season and who Joe D keeps around. Coaching staff aside I am very interested in our teams roster. 

The right way to build is to keep young players that can grow and get rid of underperforming guys with big contracts. People like Jenkins last year was a great sign because his play didnt warrant the big contacts. We kept him but on team friendly deal. We cna cut bait or sign to another team friendly deal, but i would imagine Joe parts ways wiht him after this year and gets younger...

time will tell but there is a numebr of bright spots on the roster i hope that we manage to keep some. 

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Folorunso Fatukasi

Brian Costello of the NY Post pointed out that Folorunso Fatukasi has been placed on the Covid-19 list. That means he will miss the game against the Rams on Sunday.

The Jets placed Folorunso Fatukasi on the COVID-19 list, per the transaction wire. #nyj

— Brian Costello (@BrianCoz) December 17, 2020

Fatukasi is being placed on the COVID list because he had a close contact with someone outside the organization. #nyj

— Brian Costello (@BrianCoz) December 17, 2020


The 25 year old Fatukasi who was originally drafted by the Jets in the 6th round of the 2018 draft is having a strong season. He has played in all 13 games for the Jets, starting the last five. He has two sacks on the year and a PFF grade of 84.9. He is under contract with the Jets for 2021.

You can read more about Folorunso Fatukasi in our forums.



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Fatukasi is also under contract for only $950K next year and should provide a great example to see if JD looks at players like him differently then Mac did.

Foley is 25 years old and should absolutely be approached about an extension this offseason. Theres simply no reason to allow him to hit FA and have his contract bid up when you could allow him to take some risk off the table, sign long term here and the Jets can front load cash to allow more flexibility down the road. 

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12 hours ago, varjet said:

We needed this for one of the other two games.  I don’t think was any chance to win this one. 

Agreed. We could start our “starters” and still get our arses kicked. This will be a shutout 

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