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Bottom Line: Jets will have to rebuild EF Hutton it, Old Fashioned Way


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No Lawrence means Jets will just have to do it old fashioned way. Luckily Douglas knew this always a chance and has done nice job accumulating picks, signing cap friendly deals so we have Free Agency Money. Jets will have to complete the "we now have 5 good starters on Offensive Line" rebuild this draft/FA period. They will fill holes in roster with slew of picks we have. Getting Daboll probably smartest move right now since no Lawrence means no elite level coach and hopefully with Dabolls extended family still in Jersey we have a shot with him.

Most teams build this way, very very few just step into a generational QB, so, we have to trust Douglas and at least hope Jets can get a coach who has proven they can call plays in NFL. I dont want anyone who hasnt called plays at NFL or high college level (If we hire a college coach he better have been a great OC or DC before he became a HC). Disaster waiting to happen.

Look at all players who thrived after Gase... you could see nice jump in skill level when Gase and his high school offense and attitude are gone.

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