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OMG! My daughter just scrambled us up the best eggs I've ever tasted!

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I am so proud of this little girl wow just just surprised us and walked into the room with the best tasting scrambled eggs I've EVER tasted. 

She made us eggs on toast with butter and had the leftover's on the plate that wasn't on our toast. 

I took one bite. I couldn't believe it. I took another bite and I then looked at her in disbelief I asked her Kloe?!?!? What did you put into these eggs they are the best ever?!?!? She said I'll show you poppa and took me into the kitchen. 

This little girl only 9 years old showed me step by step how she did it she used cheese, ham, a sprinkle of salt, a sprinkle of pepper, a sprinkle of Badia Flax Seed, a sprinkle of Basil, a sprinkle of McCormic salad supreme seasoning, a sprinkle of Oregano, a sprinkle of Garlic powder, a sprinkle of Onion powder and she wouldn't tell me her last seasoning told me it's a recipe secret 🤣

Yoooo I looked at her and said baby girl I hope you're our full time eggs maker for as long as you want to be because it's A++++!


Damn I've got a little mini chef on my hands I didn't even know most of these seasonings were even in our home! 😂🙏🤣

If any of you JN posters want the best tasting eggs EVER just follow this little girls recipe and you'll be thanking me later for sharing lol now I want some more but don't want her to work so hard lol #ProudDadMoments

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