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#/!# Jets vs Browns - Discussion Thread #/!#


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7 hours ago, Maxman said:

Sometimes Gase scripts the plays and Dowell forgets to add the scoring play. Only so much Adam can do. He scripts 14 plays, Dowell has to script one. Gase being the good guy he is let's Dowell have the touchdown play.

Let's just hope the scoring play comes on 3rd down when Gase allows himself to interject.

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My prediction:

With the Browns missing their middle linebackers and WR's, this should be a super boring, Herm type of game - 10-3 going into the 4th quarter.   Take the UNDER - which is 44.5.

Run, Run, Run, lots of punts.  Clock keeps moving - the game will be over well before 4PM.  Final score Browns 12-3.  

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10 hours ago, Maxman said:

The Browns are headed in after a Covid scare. WHat the Browns don't seem scared off is the talent on the NY Jets roster.

Coming off a win, do the Jets have anything left in the tank? Quinnen Williams is on I.R.

Here is the official discussion thread.

Let's go Jets (go into 2021 when we can start rooting for them to win games again and not worry about draft position).

The Rams weren't afraid of the Jets, either. As a matter of fact, Sean McVay called Adam Gase last week before the game to congratulate him on how hard his team comes out to play every week. He probably didn't call him AFTER the game, lol.

It wouldn't surprise me at all if the Jets beat the Browns badly. It's how they roll. They could quite possibly stab us in the heart and twist the post-Christmas knife. To be clear, this is not a prediction and I don't root for losses. It's more of a historical Jets algorithm.

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With the browns down so many WRs and having a top running attack going against the jets who are thin at LB, the jets should switch primarily to a 4-3 base with shepard  and Foley at DT and Anderson and JFM at DE. They can mix Zuniga in the DE rotation and see what Huffs motor looks like at OLB but go with base of Hewiit, luuvu, and basham at LB.

hope to see a lot of man coverage. Mayfield dices up zones and struggles against man. 

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Just now, BettyBoop said:

OL still stinks.

Not really. 3 passes, he had time on all 3. Suspect on 3rd down the 22 video would show an open man or 2 he simply didn't see in his panicky Pete mode. Again, you need to understand the way the NFL is you get 2.7 seconds on a good play by your OL. Darnold is getting that and often more time. 2nd down, he made a nice pass Perriman dropped / was defensed. 

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