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#/!# Jets vs Browns - Discussion Thread #/!#

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^^Cost us Trevor Lawrence.

So to be clear, the recent streak of Jets plays: Jets call TO, because they nearly get a delay after Browns' TO. Throw it away to stop the clock for the Browns. Delay of game on obvious

I have to admit, there is a lot of satisfaction at seeing Baker Mayfield fail.  

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This is the truth but it may have put us in a better position to be more successful sooner than later. Lawrence isn't going to fix our problems. Youth and depth with some veteran leadership are going to more for us than the white knight. Honestly I'm hoping when my Irish play them for the 3rd time this year that he does something stupid (like he will if we were to draft hm) and gets jacked up

^^Cost us Trevor Lawrence.

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1 minute ago, QB1 said:

Wait wait are we really acting like missing some WRs is an excuse for a 10 win team to lose to a 1 win team? Then why the outrage when we were losing without our top 4 WRs for two months and all of camp? GTFO



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