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You GOTTA bring back one. Who do you choose?

who do you bring back in 2021?  

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  1. 1. Who comes back?

    • Gase
    • Darnold

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2 minutes ago, freestater said:

Lol, wait'll Sar gets here

The craziest part about it is they can both be garbage, which I do believe, but if the QB is utter garbage how can you get an accurate read on the coach and vice versa

All that being said Gase HAS to go and Darnold SHOULD go also 

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i'm not a gase hater but what i see is a team that just doesn't know what it is.  and that has to come down from the head coach.  do they want to run?  then execute the run blocking.  do they want to pass. then execute the pass protection.  do they want to be wco?  rpo? play action?  they need to execute and they haven't been.  granted they need talent but some of the problems are all solved in practice and they just don't show it on game day.

darnold?  use hi as a game manager with an offense that can execute and he can succeed.

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I’m usually for giving a coach and a GM at least 3 seasons. But when your team was 0-13 it’s hard to support anybody. One positive is the team hasn’t quit on him and it means are players are character guys. You can build around some of these players many won’t be around next season. So since we’re not getting Lawrence keep Sam and fire Gase. 

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1 minute ago, Anthony Jet said:

Not your fault. This site is the most I know about social media. Always have a hard time following the posts quoting tweets

a good rule of thumb is to look for the blue checkmark in tweets. That means its a verified account. 

For example:


see the little blue checkmark next to his name? Verified account. 

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