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The hype was massive on him and berrios has been more productive this season- this is a fact  Hope year two is better than year one rookie wrs have been killing it all year and some with tra

We needs thread to cry about every single person on the 53-man roster one at a time, as well as the coaches, the scouts, the marketing team, and Fireman Ed.

What a ridiculous thread.  Mims has been a bright spot.  He missed time due to injury and for a family emergency. When He has played he has done very well considering he has t had many targets thrown

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On 12/28/2020 at 9:40 AM, Charlie Brown said:

I cannot disagree with you more strongly!!

His lack of proper use is another BIG reason why Gase cannot remain as the HC of the NY Jets. 

I said it before the draft, during the draft and even now that this young man is going to prove he was the beat in the class and why the Jets got a steal in Mims when he dropped to us. 

He’s made some really difficult catches. Has impressive hands 🙌 and wing span. There is obviously no chemistry with Darnold.  Then again, who has Darnold had chemistry with other than a wr running a 10 yard slant. Mims missed training camp. Vital for a rookie working with his QB. Then was injured for half the season.  Then was purposely brought along slowly as per Gase.  Added to that, the whole WR corps hasn’t been exactly healthy to gel together.  Throw in Darnold’s inconsistent play and lack of zip, it’s not exactly a recipe for success. 

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5 hours ago, genot said:

Im not trying too debate you. My point is TE' s aren't used much in his offense. Didn't work in Miami. Didn't work here. And it, among other things, stymied Darnold.

I have more hope for Herdon’s future than for Darnold’s if that’s what you mean 

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