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Bill Barnwell


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1 hour ago, TuscanyTile2 said:

The Texans have a top 5 QB who is still young.  

Texans have the number 3 pick in the draft which they traded to the dolphins and they they also traded their 2nd round pick as well.  They traded away the best receiver in the NFL.  We have 2 first round picks this year and next year and if douglas trades down maybe 2 more the years after.  In terms of future roster builds the Jets are in way better shape. 

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4 hours ago, TuscanyTile2 said:

I was just listening to ESPN radio (around 6:30PM on 12/28/2020 in case there's a playback option) and I think it was "Greeny" who repeated some info he heard from Bill Barnwell that if the Jets miss out on Trevor Lawrence, they become the least attractive of all the job openings.


Maybe I worded the above in a confusing way.  Bill Barnwell is the one saying the Jets are the worst of the job openings.  All Greeny did was say that it was Barnwell's quote.  

Nice follow up to Greeny claiming Lawrence wouldnt come here.  

Now we're the least attractive landing spot.

Yeah, lot of picks, lots of cap space, NY, no one would want the job.

Made so much sense, needed to be shared.

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11 hours ago, slimjasi said:

This is something that Cowher said recently (according to Boomer Esiason) that resonated with me. 

If you go to the Jets and figure out how to just tread water (go 8-8 next year), you will be treated like a conquering hero and get plenty of time to straighten things out.

Expectations are as low for this franchise as I can ever remember 


This is true. 

Listen, the Jets are where careers go to commit suicide. This isn't a new thing. The attractiveness of the job this time around will hinge upon the reputation of Joe Douglas. If he's as well regarded as he seems to to be, the fact that he has the #2 pick, two firsts this year and next along with more extra picks, and more cap room than 30 other teams should make the job more appealing. The opportunity to come in and partner on how this abundance of assets gets put to use is going to be a draw. Enough of one? We'll see. 

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