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MNF Bills-Patriots ***Official Game Thread***

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Sure. We have a lot to fix. But Darnolds not the guy. If you don't see that,  in a league where Jalen Hurts comes in as a rookie behind an O line worse than ours, throwing to a wr corps as bad as ours

Brian Griese: "Billichick will stick with Cam till the end, he said Cam gives them the best chance to win. This is the right decision ".   Literally 10 minutes in real time later:  

Tip of the iceberg stuff imo.  The pats cheating is like a drunk driver.  the guy gets caught 4 or 5 times but you know for sure that for every time he was caught he drove drunk 10 times. Missing

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Just now, Shelbyblue said:

NE has a seriou lack of talent, luckily they are coached well or they would have 2 wins.

The talent drain with opt outs, injuries, etc has been crazy. This is their tear down year. They'll be improved next season. This division will have 3 nasty defenses next season. 

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7 minutes ago, Jet_Engine1 said:

"Bill teaches that man coverage so well"...Which coverage, Brian? The "get your hands all over the receiver, grab, hold, and push without getting called" technique? 😆 

Right? They show Jackson & he straight armed the receiver twice & they talk about how well he played man. They should have he PLAYED with the man!

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