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New York Rangers 2021

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Just deleted by FB account 2 weeks ago.  Never had Twitter etc.  This page is the most social media I’ll do.  Just switched search engines to duck duck go as well.   

Might want to look into https://brave.com/ I use that browser with duck duck go. It blocks ads and tracking, but unfortunately if you are using Android or Apple they are probably getting your data any

Hopefully we’ll get some more details on what happened but if part of the reason he’s getting waived is because of “controversial” (conservative) political views then that really pisses me off. It’s a

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13 minutes ago, 32EBoozer said:

Well @Lith we all may be going back and forth all season. It will be entertaining! 

Was there a hockey game tonight? 

I have been watching football. 

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Mika needs to wake up

LaFreniere just needs his first one to go in

Kreider contract was not just a mistake it was a disaster

Miller, Buchnevich and Giuseppe have been pleasant surprises.  Particularly the first two.



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2 hours ago, EM31 said:

We have been one of the worst faceoff teams in the league for as long as I can remember.


DeAngelo sucks.

Yeah I know the two are unrelated it was just a stream of consciousness thing.  As in..... DeAngelo sucks and as a team we also suck at faceoffs and that last one has been true for as long as I can remember.

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We are terrible on faceoffs and Chytil injury is a huge loss.

Jack Johnson is a disaster, he takes bad penalties and costs the team.

Goaltenders need to step-up and offense must get going. The defense is promising with Fox, Miller and they guys coming up the pike.

They could definitely use a player like Fast who they let walk.

This team needs to get hot and go on a winning streak, or it's going to be a long grueling season.

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