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1-1-2021: The Official NCAA College Football Game Thread (New Years Day Playoffs special)

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3 minutes ago, JiF said:

Honestly, not sure yet.  As much as I love Fields, I've been flirting with the trade down scenarios...I feel like they're could be multiple honestly...and the roster build you could do is pretty awesome long term.  That said, not sure who the next Fields is, not often do you get an all world athlete with an Ivey League brain wrapped up in a QB.

Pretty much exactly how I feel. I think the flow chart has to start with “do you believe Fields is a franchise quarterback”. If the answer is yes you have to take him. If the answer is anything but yes, even maybe, you have to answer the phone

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10 minutes ago, Paradis said:

All right question.

You’re Joe Douglas, you’re on the clock and you have an offer to move down 4 spots and get a 1st round pick next year and a 2nd this year. Would you stay and take fields ? Or take the offer.

Fields. Don’t feel pressured to start him and build a team around him. Continue to develop him. Keep darnold to make sure the offense isn’t a mess around fields

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22 minutes ago, Lith said:

Enjoy Serendipity.  I am sitting on the couch right now.  Watching the game, while my wife is outside shovelling the driveway.  I have gotten really good at marriaging. 

At least until tomorrow, when I may no longer be married. 


It’s her favorite movie and I took her on a tour of all the locations a few years ago. 

crap hope I didn’t jinx the kid get up please!

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