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1-1-2021: The Official NCAA College Football Game Thread (New Years Day Playoffs special)

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2 hours ago, Sonny Werblin said:

Like i said it was not his best game, but it is not like he played poorly like Fields did against Indiana and Northwestern. It’s one game. It provides more information to evaluate both QBs, but it is still just one game.

I agree its just one game and I said that repeatedly leading up to  this game while others said he'd need to have a monster game to even be looked at for pick #2.

They said that because they felt there was no way he'd play this well.

I still stand by that statement . One game should mean nothing to the Gm and scouts evaluating these qbs . Their whole body of work is what should and will be evaluated. And I'm still convinced Lawrence will go #1 but the fabricated divide between him and Fields is a lit closer than many want to admit.

However, what this one game should do is put to bed the false narratives that have been thrown out about Fields . The crap about no anticipation, not being able to read defenses. Can't beat quality teams , not a fast enough processor.

We'll read now detailed analysis about why what we saw last night was a mirage and this throw at x minutes proves he can't read defenses or the osu scheme just provided him easy throws any qb can make.  I fully expect it , it's what people do when they are proven wrong and can't admit it. 

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