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12 hours ago, TheMo said:

 I think the reps are super important to future success simply from a training standpoint and help reduce draft misses by eliminating outliers in performance. It’s why I’m a proponent of drafting fields and having him sit to get more reps in. Darnold can keep the seat warm as we build a system. If Sam plays well we end up with a Brees/Rivers situation, oh the horror lol. 

Thank you.....

This is precisely why you draft Fields and keep Darnold!!!!!!

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I get whiplash from you guys. So reactionary. As I’ve said Lawrence’s body of work makes him #1 in my book. Fields is also a ridiculously good and just needs more reps/good coaching since he’s played

I can't wait until Fields plays against Bama, has a bad game and everyone here is suddenly convinced we should take a safety at #2.

Fields is the better QB. I think his skill set and talents are better suited for the NFL. He is a bigger Russel Wilson and I see some Mahomes in him too.

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