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p_05's creativity thread - submissions welcome, feedback requested!

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1. Post anything creative. Anything on your mind. Weird, unusual, quirky, original. 

One rule: No re-posting anything from anywhere else. No gifs, memes, pics, or links. A post must include your OWN thoughts. If you can't follow the rule, please don't post. 


2. Request feedback. Receive feedback. 


I'll start:



Here's my attempt at writing a rap solo.




Work work work,


work work work,


grind grind grind,




imma work, imma work, imma work, 


imma-grind-for-EVAH..... EVAH, EVAH, EVAH!!!!!!


this-aint-music, this-aint-music...

i-aint-got-time-to-make-myuzic... i aint-got-time-to-make-myuzic, aint-got-time... i WORK.



wor... *heavy breathing*...wo.. *heavy breathing intensifies*... GRIND!! *gasping for air...*, 





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39 minutes ago, #27TheDominator said:

Probably in mourning.  Haven't you heard?  The Dolphins missed the playoffs!

Hahaha. He actually just had the idiocy to carp about someone else coming back under a different user-name when he's had about 50 over the years and then of course down-voted me, which he does on EVERYTHING I say, especially when it has zero to do with his attention-grabbing existence. I find it very amusing.  I only mention it because it's never-ending and transparent as tracing paper. He told a bald-faced public lie about me as if I'm too stupid to know my own laughably provable actions. 


^ He always digs his own grave. It'll happen again.  I'm sure he's a very nice person in real life. Some of us are.


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