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Ohio States Oline deserves kudos too!


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This game was won up front by Ohio States Oline. They were fantastic last night, opening huge holes for Sermon. Clemsons line couldn't get Etienne going & turned the Tigers & Lawrence completely one dimensional.

Really, really sucks that Houston is so bad this year & let the Dolphins slip into the #3 spot, and the Bengals won 2 games to end up at 5. With Matt Ryans age the Falcons are in rebuild mode. When the Bengals were right behind us at #3 we could have swapped places for their #33 but no way in hell they believe we're taking Sewell now anyway after that performance last night! 

Our next coach will be a guy that can develop Justin Fields & we now have to take him at #2 the way the draft order shaked out. I wouldn't want to be in Jacksonvilles shoes picking between these 2 guys. JD doesn't have to make a decision, Jags make it for him. Such a crapshoot when they go to the NFL of which one will have the best career. But based on what I saw last night, fields just might be able to duplicate a little bit of what makes Russell Wilson so dangerous & the best long ball thrower in the league. I don't think Sam Darnold can even make those 2 long throws that Fields made last night, the 1st one traveled 62 yards in the air! ?

On a side note. Olave with Seattle pick, Najee Harris with #35 if he lasts & Josh Myers with our 1st third rounder? The OSU connection! 

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