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******Official Jets vs Pats gameday Hey Adam dont let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya thread***** (merged)


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4 minutes ago, David Harris said:

You really can’t.  

his picks today weren’t pressured. One was just way off and the other was not reading the field. Damning game.

but its the game Sam needed to have. if he had another good game he might have stayed. now he HAS TO GO!!!!

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2 minutes ago, neckdemon said:

Why so we could ruin another qb by bringing him on with nothing around him?

What’s the alternative? Build up the team and be ready to draft a QB in a weak draft? 

The main problem with Sam is his own ability(or lack thereof). Coaching a close 2nd. Look at Burrow before he got hurt. Look at Herbert this year. Solid QBs find a way to produce. I don’t buy the notion that you have to wait to draft a QB because the rest of the team is bad. The Bengals are a great example. 

Gotta take the blue chip prospect when they’re available. Otherwise you build a solid team and end up with a Mitch Trubisky/Christian Ponder/Jake Locker 

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10 minutes ago, David Harris said:

I like what Flores did. Made the best decision for the long term, the opposite of Gase playing Gore. Fitz isn’t the future- get your top 5 pick experience in some pressure situations, let him learn, see what you got. Flores knows the Fins aren’t winning it all this year so take the Longview. 

It‘s done nothing for them long term. Tua can’t play. 

They genuinely have to consider Wilson or Fields if they’re on the board.

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