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Darnold comes in with a pick & goes out with a pick!

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2 minutes ago, munchmemory said:

What does this have to do with anything?  We're not judging him as a person.  Football is a difficult game.   He has shown himself to not be good enough.  Those are just the facts.

I agree. 

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That fact that Cam Newton, with a depleted team who had not thrown a TD pass in weeks at one pint, thoroughly outplayed Sam...

He gots to go.......

I aint saying he gotta go home...............Ya'll know the rest....

I seen crappy QBs make OLs look horrible, but I have seen good QBs take teams to the postseason with bad OLs, Watson, Luck, Lamar, etc.

Giving Sam more time in the pocket, is simply delaying the inevitable interception. So, instead of throwing a pick in 5 seconds, he does it in 9......Awesome.........

All of those QBs from the 2018 draft need to see a pass before it happens. Lamar and Allen get away with it, because they can move. I do suspect teams will study Allen next year, because he is now seen as a threat (Remember Wentz crappy years, then sudden spike to MVP levels?). Not sure he is this good next year. Lamar will always be Lamar, and until he is not the fastest dude on the field.

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I was very happy when he was drafted and have been a fan and defender.   Really thought he was a victim of poor coaching and poor support.  He had decent protection and his starting cast today.    After those 2 picks today Im ready to throw in the Darnold towel and start over with Fields.   Two inaccurate throws completely killed any chance of winning.   His accuracy is maddeningly inconsistent  - a great throw on the run followed by a terrible pick.  Maybe its his mechanics, I dont know.

I think its time to turn the page sadly.   Good kid but didnt get it done

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Just now, Spoot-Face said:


I’m disgusted with this ginger p*ssy moron. Just get him the f*ck off this team already. Addition by subtraction at this point. I expect nothing higher than a 4th rd pick at this point.

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43 minutes ago, QB1 said:

You’re happy about this? 

Sometimes you just gotta find out what you have & be done with it. 
Well, Sam needs a reset & it won’t be here. 

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17 minutes ago, More Cowbell said:

Depending on Jan 11, we might be taking Lawrence. 

Trask went up & down the field vs Bama. I think Fields has a “Field day”. 
OSU is on roll now. They needed some time to mesh. 

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