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Rest of the games on this final regular season Sunday

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Brady with another 4 TD game and 40 for the year.  WTF?  Darnold has 45 in three years. LMFAO.

This is a travesty! The Giants are the greatest 6-10 team of all time. Joe Judge is the best!

wth is happening? I swear if the Giants make the playoffs with Joe Judge, I will throw @T0mShane into @joewilly12 infested waters

John Wolford looked better in his first game as a starter than Sam looked in his final game as the Jets' starter.

Wolford is smart and a gamer. Still can't believe we kept Davis Webb over him.

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Man, the Cards with a monumental choke.  I had them as one of the new elite teams.  Kyler as one of the emerging QBs.  Wow, have they fallen the last few weeks.  All they needed to do was WIN A GAME.  Gonna be a long offseason for that group.

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