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Could history repeat itself?


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I don't want a lottery system. It doesn't stop teams tanking in the NBA.

Make it simple...if you can't win three games then you pick 11th. That will put an end to tanking real quick.

As far as Pederson is concerned, if he had started Sudfeld and sat out Hurts there would have been no issue. The game though was on Sunday Night Football so that was a big issue.

Also now that the NFL is in bed with gambling I wonder how many people got screwed by that ? The Steelers announced that they were benching alot of folks, the Chiefs sat out guys and announced it early in the week. I betcha that affected the betting lines for those games.  

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15 hours ago, jeremy2020 said:

It's well known that he did not even go to defensive meetings. How is that being a HC? That's being a coordinator in chief and when you're the CiC, if your side of the ball sucks then how are you involved in that success?

He's ultimately judged by wins and losses, he didn't win enough here.  

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