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Joe Douglas on the Michael Kay Show today 4:45pm


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10 minutes ago, Jetsbb said:

What he says about Sam Darnold could be very telling. If they ask him are you disappointed in losing Trevor Lawrence and he responds "no because we have a star QB in Sam Darnold and he is our future" we are screwed.


Not really

The Jets FO is going to talk Darnold up like he is a budding star.  Right until he is traded on draft day.

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24 minutes ago, 56mehl56 said:

Why would anything he says on a radio spot matter. He's not going to tell the truth.

I expect a lot of fluff around Sam and the team but I think we can get some info on the head coaching search and the type of guys he is looking into. I hope they ask him about specific college coaches coming in for interviews.

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Questions to be asked:

Was he involved in firing Gase?

Will he have total control of the hiring the next coach?

Budget available to hire?

Biggest area team needs to improve?

what has he learned on the job he didn’t know prior to?

Will they dictate any parameters related to the incoming staff? Required holdovers?


I don’t expect him to talk specifically about player personnel plans, but some insight into the overall process would be nice. 


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