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Douglas speaks!

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Just now, Samtorobby47 said:

Who cares?

It's a big deal are you kidding ? 

This is insight that we still don't really know if JD is calling the shots or not, he just said he fired Adam Gase in the press conference, Christopher Johnson said he did yesterday. 

So who's actually in charge?

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2 minutes ago, Lith said:



How much work will it take to put together the book on Fields, Wilson, etc. for this Draft?  What I mean is that we'd heard reports of the Jets scouting Darnold as far back as 2016, two years before he was drafted.  Have the Jets been looking at these QBs deeply or is that process just starting?  And, with the new HC hire being on the front burner I'd imagine almost no work is really being done by Joe (I'm sure it's being done by others) until the new HC gets here.  Then the Jets and that new OC need to make a the decision on what to do at QB!  Lots and lots to do here....and we haven't even gotten to FA and the fact that the Jets have so many holes and unrestricted FAs to address (Marcus Maye, Hewitt, Perriman, Jenkins, Poole, etc.)


(I'm not expecting you to answer all those questions, @Lith. lol)

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