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Grade the Potential Hire - Marvin Lewis


Marvin Lewis?  

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  1. 1. If the Jets hire Marvin Lewis, I would give it a grade of......

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The reality is he as a HC is much better than Bowles and Gase put together, it seems that there are other good candidates. He was able to get his players that had talent the ball and used them correctly while they had them - AJ Green, and he made Dalton look decent - he was trash.

It would be a A grade signing reletive to what we had as far as coaching goes but I would not be excited about it, I think fan base deserves to be excted about the new coach and they should pick someone else, but that being said. ANyone that is not trying to bash, has to admit he would be a good hire for us, all the while there are other good people to hire as well. 

Lewis is not Bowles or gase and that in itself it an A.

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It would be a satisfactory hire but probably nothing more? In regards to the Rooney rule this is what it was designed for. On top of that Lewis was experience and has actually made the playoffs. That being said, he's never won a playoff game and rarely did his team go to the playoffs. 

This is definitely from a resume standpoint this is definitely one of the best hires you can make. Way better than Eric Bieniemy. 

The problem is, I thought reports said they were going to hire ap preferably sb experienced HC? That is definitely not Lewis. I'm pretty sure he has experience as a coordinator, but not as HC.

For me that hire would be merely satisfactory? Like a C?

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16 minutes ago, bitonti said:

Bienienmy was already interviewed thus satisfied the RR. Lewis is a real candidate. 

I'd give him a B. He made the playoffs 7 times in 16 years in Cincinnati. Arthur Smith, Brian Daboll  and Robert Saleh are the more premium candidates but the Jets need a plan when premium candidates take other jobs. There's like 6 openings, right? 

Also, unlike Gase, Lewis has had a lot of time off since being fired. I think those guys are much more likely to have success in their second tenures than the guys who get hired again right away. 

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