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***NFL Super Wildcard Weekend Game Threads***

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Just now, munchmemory said:

Son just like the father: playin' tight in a playoff game.   Worm-engorged apple does not fall far from the tree.

It’s gonna be a very dark period for us as Jets fans coming up if Woody outdoes himself and hires Schitty

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11 minutes ago, Lith said:

I hate when announcers refer to the 12s.  They are fans, just like any other team has fans.  But in a stadium designed to amplify crowd noise.

F**k the 12s Seahawks fans.

CFL Story, the Saskatchewan Roughriders obnoxiously touted their fans, along with the announcers and all year talked about 'The 13th man'  (The CFL has 12 men on the field rather than 11)

They make it to the Grey Cup and the last play of the game Montreal is trying to kick a field goal to win the game, they miss.  But wait!  Penalty flag! 

Saskatchewan (after a time out was called yet)  had too many men on the field  (13 men).  Montreal gets a 2nd chance, makes the FG and wins.

We never had to endure 'The 13th man!' after that.


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