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***NFL Super Wildcard Weekend Game Threads***

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1 minute ago, GothamLurker said:

Told ya'll lol

That guy was wide open; if Indy had a better QB, this game would have been a blowout.

Indy 20-something, Buffalo 7.

And if they didnt have a QB playing well they wouldn't have gotten close to the EZ for the 3rd time

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8 minutes ago, Irish Jet said:

He’s been mediocre at best this season.

Just dropped a TD. Awful.

He played in 14 games compared to Mims’s 9 and barely out-produced him, in a pass happy offense, with loads of talent on it.  I liked him coming out of college but sassily attacking the fact that we drafted Mims is just ridiculous, especially because Pittman was drafted @ 34.

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2 minutes ago, Jet Nut said:



You brought Mims into it, I have no idea why and asked.  Your ass puckered up and youre going back to this half assed routine I see

I did bring Mims into it because both are rookies. 

My ass puckered? Over your comments? LOL 

No routine here. 

Not arguing with you, im not going to be your argument of the day victim. 

Enjoy the game have a beer and relax. 

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1 hour ago, Patriot Killa said:

JN is going to hate me but I’m going to honestly enjoy watching the Bills play today. They’re fun to watch.

While I'm not actively rooting for them, I also wouldn't hate it to see them win. I was against rooting for them earlier in the season, but watching the Jets destroyed that competitive drive in me. I just don't care anymore.

Now, if it ever comes to the Jets battling them for AFCE dominance, then I can learn to hate them, but until the Jets prove that they deserve it, I'm happy to let the Bills be that team. If there's any other team in our division that deserves some success, it's them. They've been locked in the basement for so long that it'd actually be refreshing to see them at the top, rather than the Pats or Dolphins.

In fact, I might actually be talking myself into rooting for them, lol.

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