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Daboll Interview


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1 hour ago, SAR I said:

SAR approves of this candidate.

Updated List:

Daboll:  Yes
Brady:  Yes
Saleh:  Yes
Glenn:  Yes
Bienemy:  NO
Lewis:  NO
Mullen:  NO
Graham:  Declined
Harbaugh:  Declined
Campbell:  Declined


OH GOD! Great now I have to hope for 

Bienemy, Lewis and Mullen

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Daboll is the favorite in Los Angeles but I wouldn't be so sure just yet. The Watson thing bares watching. I don't think he's getting traded but there are some legs to the rumors. He clearly wants to try to force a trade to Miami, and Caserio has ties with everyone in that front office. Daboll worked with Tua briefly. Trading Watson would be insanity imo, but if they can get back Tua + #3 + #18 Caserio may be tempted. 

I don't think trading Watson necessary makes the situation better for Daboll, but if he feels strongly about Tua it could be something he'd welcome. 

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During the  National Title game, the announcers brought up the growth and maturity of Mac Jones at the QB position in Alabama.  The name that helped him grow as a young man that came up was Brian Daboll during Jones Freshman year.  Daboll was the offensive coordinator during that one and only year, won the National Championship and then moved on, but in that one season they mentioned how Daboll become like a father figure to Jones who apparently would be very emotional and throw tantrums.  

Look we want a coach that can be a leader of men and relate to all personalities.  He has been a part of 5 Super Bowls, possibly a 6th won this year and has won the National Championship in College.  He is a mentor, a father figure and a wealth of knowledge for these players.  During Curtis Martin's Hall of fame speech he talked about how Parcells was like that father figure to him during his time with the Patriots and then Jets.  Each and every one of us can look back to elementary or High School and remember that one teacher that had an impact in our lives in a positive way.

Daboll should be our next Head coach.

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