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Resting player cost Pittsburgh

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6 hours ago, jeremy2020 said:

3 weeks. The playoffs go for 3 weeks and there is a 1 week break before the Superbowl in which you can rest your players. 

KDKA-FM Radio Pittsburgh

Steelers 'screwed' out of bye week 'This doesn't sit right'

Matt Koll
a group of people standing on a football field© Provided by KDKA-FM Radio Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH (93.7 The Fan) - It was supposed to happen either Monday at 5 pm or Tuesday at 6 or 7 pm.

Then, it was reported that Monday was off the table.

Then, the news nobody wanted to hear. Steelers-Titans will not be played this week and will instead be played later on this year.

News of this broke when Colin Dunlap and Chris Mack of The Fan Morning Show were finishing up their show on Thursday. Their initial reactions were that there are questions to be answered here.

“The Steelers have to fall under the purview of being punished, so to speak, for this. But, it just doesn’t sit right,” Colin said. “Did everybody get in this together or did they not?”

Chris said, “As a Steelers fan, its BS that they get screwed out of their bye week. It’s that simple. As someone who wants to see the NFL season pulled off as reasonably as possible and everyone play 16 games as reasonably and as safely as possible...the way you have to take this is, all 32 teams go into the boat together. If you’ve got to stop to save the one guy that fell out of the boat and it keeps you from getting anywhere for a while, unfortunately that’s what you have to do.”

But Colin says there needs to be some accountability here.

He believes the players and the NFLPA needs to be given definitive reason as to why there were positive tests with the Titans.

“If it was just an accident and nobody did anything wrong (like breaking protocols), there needs to be assurance to the other players. If there was somebody who did something wrong, then the Steelers and the other players who are doing everything right, such as Ben Roethlisberger homeschooling his kids, they’ve got a real reason to be mad here.”

Chris then took it a step further by saying, “If nobody broke protocol, but the protocol itself is broken (as in not effective), then what’s that mean for the 30 teams that are planning to play this weekend? Are they all in a situation where they don’t have to worry about something be spread because, again, the protocol is broken?

The guys also wondered if a bubble of some sort to preserve things might be the way to go down the road, how much the TV deals played into this decision and why the rosters were expanded if five positive tests would be enough to cancel a game.

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A total lack of a running game, and all those short patterns that the Steeler WsR ran caught up to them. Roethlesberger just looked old at the end of the season. I know that he twisted his knee in the middle of the season and that limited whatever mobility he had, but he was just a statue in the pocket back there. 

I mean, he’s old and fat. It’s ok it happens to us all, but he’s gotta hang it up or put down the sandwich.

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