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So are you still comfortable with Fields or Wilson?

More Cowbell

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2 minutes ago, bitonti said:

TL is a high first Rd pick 

Fields is a mid rd1 pick... Top 20 

Wilson is cusp 1/2

The others trey Lance, Mac etc go Rd 2 or beyond 

The value of these players is important. Jd drafts for value that's the point of the mims trade down. He will want to trade back for any non Trevor qb 

Sewell, Smith these are high Rd 1 types like Trevor 


Do you think Chase is in that Smith/Sewell category?

Why or why not?

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30 minutes ago, RutgersJetFan said:

That's fair but if they have 80 bajillion dollars in cap room, another first, and picks at the top of every other round, selecting a QB at 2 isn't going to prevent the team from solving those problems. 

The cap room is great, but this Jets team being a big free agent destination for premier players isn't the most realistic. 

I think Thuney could happen based on the rumors of last year, but those top of the market WR's aren't coming here. 

Besides, do we want to be the build through free agency team anyway?

We've got a lot of picks over the next two years and we don't need to take the quarterback this year. It works for the coach too - under the guise of 'I didn't pick this quarterback' and 'this team was 2-14 last year' - you give the new coach a layup year to implement his structure/culture and use those picks to make the roster stronger overall.

That way the team is better when we draft a quarterback next year, and that prospect has a much better chance to succeed in an established culture with more talent around him. 

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8 hours ago, bitonti said:

Wacky year to evaluate qb ya say? Why let's tie the franchise to one, and what could go wrong? 

Look, even if we agree fields is better than Sewell somehow, jd is not going to tie his career to this player in year 2 of his deal.

He's not Mac drafting safeties and wr. He's said about a thousand times he wants to build from inside out and the hc candidates come from similar programs 

That 80 mil in free agent money they are going to keep mostly dry. They had like 60 million in space last year and signed George Fant. Jd loves comp picks. 

BTW I'm not sure who is gonna be at mobile but it won't be wilson or fields both juniors. Trey Lance show? 

Agree with most of this... although I hate that you lumped in WR along with Safety as a ‘surplus’ position. 

If that’s the consensus view in the NFL, then Ja Marr Chase is a pipe dream @ 2...

sad george michael bluth GIF

I could be happy with Sewell @ 2, but if we’re not QB @ 2, then I think the best case scenario would be trading down with the Falcons, Bengals or Broncos.

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