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How did the National Championship Game Impact the Jets Draft?

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For those who don't want to watch:


- Justin Fields - 17/33  194 Yards 1 TD | 6 Rush  67 Yards - My chubby has deflated a little bit after this game compared to the veiny triumphant bast*rd I was sporting last weekend. That said, I don't think Joe Douglas will make his decision off either of these 2 games. I have a hard time believing that Fields is 100% healthy, he did not turn the ball loose as much as he did last week. That could be a better defense in Alabama but I would have loved to see him really air it out.

- Najee Harris - 29 Touches 158 Yards 3 TD - Man he is exciting to watch. A really attractive option as a dual threat RB. I have a hard time endorsing the pick at #23 but at #34 I think he's fair game. Issue is going to be does he actually make it to the 2nd round? 

- Devonta Smith - 12 Rec 2145 Yards 3 TD - All that work was done in the 1st half! Guy is definitely special! Unfortunately he injured his hand in the early part of the 3rd Quarter so we didn't get to see him after that (injury in video). I would love to snag him but only in a trade down situation


Not in Video

- Wyatt Davis - goes down with a knee during the game, tweeted out that "He will be fine" unsure what that means. If it's an ACL then he likely doesn't play until October or November. This could really tank his draft stock to the benefit of us. I would have endorsed him at #23 if healthy but since we have so many picks if he begins to fall, other teams may pass on him for healthier options and then we can snag him.

- Mac Jones - 36/45  464 Yards  5 TD - @Defense Wins Championships is super high on this guy. He was really impressive. I could understand taking him at #23 or #34 in the event we are comfortable rolling with Sam and then he ends up being there. That said I have a hard time grading him with so much elite talent around him. 

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Not at all.  

They have tons of tape on all these guys.  if one game sway's Douglas views the Jets probably have a poster instead of a GM.

IMO Douglas has known where he is going at QB for awhile.  I don't think I'm going to like it, but hopefully he knows more then I do.

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