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Head coaches with no previous experience


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Somewhat off-topic but this is always the concern hiring first time HCs..IMO it doesn't matter if their background is on the O or D side 


Kingsbury Needs Help with Game-Day Strategy

It’s time for the Arizona Cardinals to find help for head coach Kliff Kingsbury with game-day strategy.



Is it time for Cardinals head coach Kliff Kingsbury to accept some help when it comes to the management of the entire game?

It sure appears that should happen.

While most of the outside criticism of Kingsbury has been in the realm of play-calling, that aspect is somewhat misplaced.

Kingsbury often questioned himself after games in that area, and he has to realize that foments the narrative that plays fail because of the call rather than the execution of the play.

There are myriads of reasons for plays working or not working, but most have to do with the players themselves, including the opponent. After all, when was the last time good play by the Cardinals defense was linked to poor play-calling by the other team?

However, game management is another story and that falls directly on the shoulders of the head coach. Yet, despite numerous head-scratching situations during the season, there were rarely, if ever, questions about them after games and Kingsbury never fell on the sword when they occurred.

The reality is that head coaches who call the offensive plays are so focused on their play sheet that the often crucial details of game management can get short shrift.

Kingsbury isn’t the only head coach in the NFL that calls the offensive plays, but many that do have assistants assigned to game strategy that aren’t even listed as official members of the coaching staff.

That should be on the list for what needs to happen in the offseason for the team to continue the progress there has been the last two seasons.

After all, Kingsbury acknowledged the issue in a sort of back-handed way during the 2020 season when he appeared on the Scott Van Pelt of ESPN podcast.

When asked if he would ever give up calling plays, Kingsbury said, "I would retire. It's part of the game; I couldn't just sit there and watch it. A lot of people are great at that, managing games, and that's not my strong suit. My strong suit is calling it and interacting with the quarterback. I've got to play to my strengths."

That’s why he was hired, but it’s jarring to hear Kingsbury admit managing games isn’t his “strong suit” and noting that others are great at it.

That makes it imperative that the Cardinals find someone that is at least good at it, if not great. Not only would that likely help the team improve, it could also result in Kingsbury becoming better at what he does best.


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