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20 hours ago, Dcat said:

Your assumption that an offensive minded HC is needed to develop a QB is faulty.  We'd be just as much at risk of not developing the next QB with an offensive HC as with a defensive HC.  The HC is supposed to coach the team, not one half of the team.  F'ing Jets have gotten it wrong for so long.  QB development depends in the guy running the offense, not necessarily the HC.  

WTF are you talking about -- so obvious Allen was ruined because McDermott isn't a former QBC. Also some other current QBs were ruined by matching them with a former defensive-side guy with no QBC-type experience: BB/Brady, Cowher/Rapist, Carroll/Wilson, LJax/Harbaugh, the turnaround Vrabel made with Tannehill, Smith/Ryan, etc. 

We need a supposed QB guru + former OC to be the HC in order to develop a young QB. Someone like Adam Gase, for instance. 

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