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Urban Meyer talking to Chargers - why not Jets?


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I don't think it's either of these cases, I think it fully has to do with roster control.  There were talks about the Chargers GM being on the hot seat, and Jags don't have a GM (other than the owner), so I think Meyer wants roster control.  JD seems to have that under his control here, therefore the job isn't nearly as attractive.  

I think the biggest issue for the jump from college to the NFL is the roster control.  In college, you are the man, and you can make anything disappear (as evidenced by allegations at both Florida and Ohio State), which means your word is the last word for the players.  In the NFL, it's different because your stars are getting paid more than you, and you don't have control over the roster.  I think the main play for him is having roster control and the ability to play GM to have an upper hand on the coach's authority, and mitigate some of the loss of power from college to NFL.  

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