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Urban Meyer talking to Chargers - why not Jets?


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read his book.  he's a brilliant guy if not a football coach would have been a big CEO in corporate world.  Sometimes we get caught up in minutia like how many qbs has he developed?  my answer is who cares as long as we are a winner which i would bet on him being.  What great QBs did Bill Parcells "develop".  Benched Phil Simms than won the SB with him.  Another with Hostetler.  Another SB with Bledsoe.  Than Neil O'Donnell and Vinnie with the Jets.  Than Romo who he discovered with the Cowboys.  No Hall of Famers there only consistent thing was winning because he was a leader and motivator same as Urban Meyer.  That's what we are looking for.  Someone who can find a way to win regardless of personnel or scheme.  Hope Chris Johnson and Joe Douglas look at it the same way.  

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