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How much of an effect will coach and scheme have on Douglas come draft time?


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This is an oft discussed topic even going to the point of coaches getting credit or blame for drafts.

I look at a hire of Saleh vs Arthur Smith and the running game.

If Saleh gets hired we presume he will bring Sf guys with him.  SF under Shanahan and before that his dad did not put a high value on high pick RB's  They get results out of lower tier guys and with Sf by committee at times.  Arthur Smith at Tennessee has had the great bell cow back, beast Rb high priority.

So, If we hired smith does that mean Douglas looks more at using a higher pick on a guy like harris or ettienne?

If we hire Saleh and his crew do they say forget the high profile guy get me these lesser know RBs who fit us and we can make anyone into a 1,000 yard back.

What say you all?


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