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Arthur Smith coming In Tonight


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8 minutes ago, football guy said:

He has pitched the same OCs as Saleh: Mike LaFleur and Mike McDaniel. 

Brandon Staley, too, has pitched these guys. 


Hate to break it to all these candidates, but there are only 2 of these guys. I hope the Jets realize they're going to have to make them among the highest paid OCs in the league... they're in serious demand. 

Crazy. Wonder if they a preference to where they go and with who.

For a OC...
Philly: must resurrect Wentz

Lions: ??

Falcons: Good spot to boost your value in one year with veteran QB. Just like Kyle Shanahan did. 

Jax: Lawerence

Chargers: Dream job

Texans: Toxic  


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5 minutes ago, football guy said:

I'm interested to see how the Jets play this. I'm pretty sure among the reasons the Jets really like Saleh/Smith/Staley are their staff choices (all want LaFleur/McDaniel). Essentially, all these candidates want to run a Shanahan-style ball control offense. 

Saleh is going to weigh his options/play hardball. Detroit still in the mix, Jacksonville may be if Meyer spurns them, and gets the opportunity to hear out Philadelphia as a fall back. Personally, I think he wants either the Detroit job or the Jacksonville job, but recognizes the strength of the Jets job.

Smith is in extreme demand with Atlanta, Philadelphia, and Detroit all interested with Jacksonville as a backup plan. I think he's the top option in Atlanta, but there are more lucrative jobs awaiting him. Similar to Saleh, he can afford to be patient right now. I get some fans see him as Adam Gase 2.0 merely because of how he looks, but apparently he's more of a CEO type. His prefered coordinators make it evident that he'd avoid play-calling in a perfect world. 

Staley may only look to accept a coaching job if it's with the Chargers. Do you take the risk and wait for him if he's not 100% in on the job? Soonest you'll likely meet is tomorrow (if Jets fly to him) or Sunday. 


Assuming these guys are close on the Jets list, I would probably offer to each and try to get someone to sign first. Whoever signs first gets a head-start on hiring potential coordinators, and it's especially important for these 3 as they're targeting the same staff members. San Francisco can't block LaFleur/McDaniel, so try to hire either and entice by making them among the highest paid offensive coordinators in the league... 


We’re gonna be left with Marvin Lewis aren’t we. 

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2 hours ago, Jetster said:

I like this guy a lot. Anyone who comes from a family worth 5 billion dollars can pretty much do anything they want based on influence & connections. Instead, this guys a football nerd, 100% what he wanted to do & has obviously worked his way through the system to where he's respected enough to get all of these interviews & be a hot coaching candidate. 

He's seems to me to be like an autistic football savant similar to the dude Belichick confides in, in New England, but who actually has social skills. 

I get the whole Saleh fire brand stuff, but that sh*t just looks stupid when your losing. We've got one of the best QBs in the league now in our division. They're going to have to pay him a FORTUNE soon, so their defense will suffer. We need to build the best Oline in the division & play big boy ball & keep Mr. Josh Allen frustrated on the sideline feeling out of sync. 

Arthur Smith seems like the cerebral guy to work with JD & build a big tough team with some explosive play strong WRs like they do with Henry & AJ Brown and a tough rugged Oline like they've succeeded with in Tennessee. 

Theres only 1 Rogers, 1 Mahomes, outliers. Everyone else needs an identity & scheme to set them apart. Build that tough team that no one wants to play in the playoffs. After years of Bowles & then Gase this team has zero identity! 

At least it's not the style of Rex of just being overly cocky and brash. 

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