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Robert Saleh Hired: MERGED


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THIS IS HUGE!  I have not been this excited about the Jets since Bill Parcells was hired.   Saleh is for real, he's going to bust balls and kick ass.  This team will play angry and hungry.  

Kudos to Joe D for not just looking for the next McVay in Joe Brady.  Saleh is a leader, the likes of which we haven't seen - well, since Parcells.  I could not be happier.  

MARK MY WORDS - Saleh will take us to the playoffs!

Now let's build a ******* team for him to coach!

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Just now, King P said:

Now that we got our HC, now we'll see how the QB position is addressed.

I'm naturally inclined to agree with this tweet I just came across


Yea I’m sure Saleh made a decision without scouting any of the college QBs

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10 minutes ago, maury77 said:

Saleh was the guy I wanted, so I'm cautiously optimistic, especially since he is bringing La Fleur with him. The fact that Saleh and Douglas are both on 5 year contracts leads me to believe the Jets may not be big spenders in free agency this year and that the team may be looking at a slower, more conservative rebuild (which is fine). 

I like that the Jets will be switching to a 4-3, which will allow Quinnen to flourish even more. I wonder if the Jets make a run at Richard Sherman (who is a big fan of Saleh). Sherman is older, but he can still play and would be a good veteran presence in the locker room. 

I have no idea what this means for the QB situation. Some people believe Wilson would be a good fit for a Shanahan offense, but there is a long way to go until draft day.

Saleh moved away from the Seattle defense he originally employed — i doubt he brings in Sherman like he did to SF

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