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Stop the Rex comparisons

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By all accounts, the only similarity between the two is that they aren’t both introverted weenies - and once had jobs as defensive coordinators.

Rex came into the league via nepotism. Saleh had a life epiphany, left a career and worked his way you from the bottom. Not the same.

Rex’s defense was only good when it was full of draft picks from the Ravens, future hall of gamers like Revis, Reed and Ray, or he had an all-pro offensive line to keep his defense from being exposed. Rex’s defense began the 20-year trend of Jets defense that couldn’t close out games. Saleh’s defense continues to deliver despite myriad injuries and helps that team win games they shouldn’t. Not the same.

Rex is an extroverted narcissist - making for good TV - but everything always comes back to him. Saleh comes from a corporate background and knows how to speak publicly. Just because they’re not meek, paranoid a-holes doesn’t make them the same. Not the same.

Rex runs a 3-4 with man coverage, and plays good players out of position. Saleh is mostly 4-3 and zone. Not the same.

Our beat writers lack creativity and are lazy. Don’t believe their narrative.

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