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Saleh Mock Draft

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First off, just going to say that this is going to be a long one.

Alright guys, JD hired Saleh to be our new head coach. With that said, wanted to toy around with the idea of bringing Sam back for another year as that is what all the talking heads are saying. I personally dont see it happening, but if it did, I wouldnt mind the off season turning out as follows.

So to start off, I assumed that we will be running the SF West Coast offense which uses more quick easy throws and a blocking scheme that can open good holes for the running game. In the defense, I am assuming that we move to the 4-3 defense as that's what Saleh ran in San Fran. 

They way I wanted to work this draft was to obviously help Darnold not only in the terms of weapons but also protection. But by adding a defensive coach, I assume we address some positions early.

So with that said, we move on to FA:

Of our own FA, we bring back Crowder (2-3 year deal), Hewitt (2 year deal), Maye (4 year deal), Elflein, Langi, Basham, Perriman, and Josh Adams (1 year deals).  I dont see us bringing back Poole because I dont think he'd want to be back. McDougald is gone. So is Jenkins, Onwuasor, Gore, Maulet, Andrews, Bennett Jackson, and both the Smith receivers. We also cut Anderson, Lewis, Griffin, Josh Doctson, Cashman, and Malone. I assume Flacco retires or does not return. 

We sign: Romeo Okware (edge from Detroit, 10 sacks, 26 years old), Ryan Kerrigan (edge from Wash, should be cheap plus he brings experience into the room, 33 years old), Thuney (guard from the Pats, 28 yo, would become the leader of the O line), TY Hilton (still a deep threat but he is  brought in on a team friendly contract, mainly here to bring experience to the WR room, 33 yo) Verrett (CB from the 49s, somebody Saleh brings with him, experience 30 yo), and Sherman (CB, 49s, 33 yo, same reasons as Verrett). We also bring in Nick Mullens to be our backup next season (QB, 49s, 26 yo).

So the Draft:

2nd: we trade back with Cincinnati. We could have taken a qb here but we are assuming Sam D is back. We can also take Sewell here but 2nd overall is steep for a RT and I don't think Becton would like to move over to RT and lose out on the LT money. We get the 5th, 38th, and 133rd picks in 21' and Cincinnati's 1st in 22'.

5th: we take Heisman trophy winner Devonta Smith. WR from Alabama. (6'1", 175 lbs) Would have to add 15-20 pounds I would guess but this man just knows how to run a route and get open. Im sure you've heard of him, but if; not you need to see his highlights. He is going to be electric next season.

23rd: we take our first defensive player, DE out of Texas Joseph Ossai. (6'4", 253 lbs) This dude is fast off the edge and has a lot of hustle. Should be able to start immediately and will flourish under the guidance of Okware and Kerrigan.

34th: we select Alex Leatherwood, Tackle from Alabama. (6'6", 312 lbs) The jets could cut Fant if they select Leatherwood here and only have a dead cap of around 2 million but he played well this past season plus the Jets have the money to pay him so we decide to keep him for another year. This allows Leatherwood to adjust to RT for a season and becomes our starter in 2022.

38th: the jets select Trevon Moehrig, safety from TCU. (6'2", 202 lbs) The best safety in this draft. Probably is more of a FS but not afraid to hit. Could be a Maye replacement in a couple of seasons and adds depth to our safety position for now. Would have liked a CB here but could not find any that wouldn't have been a reach.

66th: here we trade back again to 68th while adding 136th.

68th: we add Landon DIckerson, OC out of Alabama. (6'6', 325 lbs) Big kid that allows us to move McGovern over. Played with Leatherwood so there should be some familiarity. I think the 3rd round would be perfect for selecting someone on the interior.

86th: we take Amari Rodgers, WR from Clemson. (5'10", 210 lbs) He is small, but is quick and runs hard for his size. He also seems slippery in his film. Could be a fun addition to the WR room.

98th: Trey Sermon RB from Ohio State. (6'1", 215 lbs) Could have selected a RB earlier but SF never spent a premium pick on a RB and I decided to take a chance on Sermon. The man isnt the fastest but has speed. He likes contact, always seems to get 1-2 extra yards before going down. Would be interesting to see what he can do at the next level. He doesn't catch a lot of balls, its something he'll have to work on.

130th: Paulson Adebo, CB from Stanford. (6'1", 190 lbs) Here and at 136 I take a chance at CB. Adebo opted out of this season but was projected in the second round before the season started. I believe he could be of great value with a later round pick. With Hall, Austin, Sherman, and Verrett coming in, there shouldn't be much pressure on him to come in and start. Could see if he is anything before spending a 1st on a corner next season.

133rd: Payton Turner, DE from Houston. (6'6" 270 lbs) More of a project, he is long and fast. Has some potential. Played in 5 games this season and had 5 sacks. Worth a flyer here. 

136th: Ambry Thomas, CB from Michigan. (6'0" 182 lbs) Here we take another CB who opted out of the 2020 season. If we decide on not taking a CB early, I could see a lot of value taking a chance on some of these opt out guys. Usa today called him a big play DB prospect back in September. You would hope that Thomas or Adebo could become starters at the next level.

138th: We trade back for the last time and pick up the 148th and 195th picks.

148th: We add another body to the TE room with Jeremy Ruckert from Ohio State. (6'5" 253 lbs) I like his game, has good hands. Don't think he will block a lot at the next level. He is our Griffin replacement.

162nd: Anthony Schwarts, WR from Auburn. (6'0" 179 lbs) Not a big guy but he was a track star in high school. Would be a tremendous deep threat.  Ran a 4.34 40 time. There is another that is claiming he ran a 4.27 but that was probably using a hand stopwatch.

195th: Ventrell Miller, LB from Florida. (6'1" 230) Project replacement for Cashman. Maybe could learn something from Mosley and Hewitt and become a contributor in the future.

214th: We take Mustafa Johnson, DT from Colorado. (6'2" 290 lbs) DT seems like a position that works best if you can rotate guys in. I like the idea of adding another DT late especially if we are moving to a 4-3.

So thats what I was thinking could be a decent offseason for the Jets. Let me know what you like or dont like. Had fun with this one. Please excuse any spelling or grammar errors, I need to get back to work. 




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I like the idea behind this draft, but would question Cincy giving up that much draft capital when they need to build up their roster as much as we do. 

I’ve been toying with CAR and SF trade downs as teams will pony up picks for QBs, and both rosters are a QB away. 

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If we are not cutting Fant I don't want to spend 34 on a RT that is sitting. I'd rather take Lucas or Vrabel later and get an impact offensive player. If Freiermuth is there you've got to pull the trigger. If not, given your draft offseason, I go for best WR available. TY Hilton isn't enough to stop me from adding talent to that group. Switching to a 4-3 Jets will need to add an OLB for the scheme. I might look for one at 38 or 68 (if I flip and take a top OC earlier) instead of a safety since we just drafted one and you are resigning Maye.

I like some of your late round selections at WR, TE, and CB. I like drafting best EDGE available at 23. I like waiting for a RB and not using premium capital on the position. RB is deep this year. Good job overall!


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