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Now Both that the Initial Euphoria and the Afterglow have Faded...

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Realistically the jets have to start winning before we can call saleh and even Douglas a success. This past season was so murky it was really hard to say if the problems were all darnold or gase or the team talent etc. hopefully we will start to see some clarity as training camps get back to normal and we see the team Douglas and saleh are fielding.  I do think that both of these guys have a lot going for them and I’m pretty optimistic that they can get the job done.  The one caution is they are in a pretty tough division and it doesn’t promise to get any less tough over the next few seasons.

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Few random things I’ve thought about: 


Henry Anderson ( if he wasn’t already ) is as good as gone. Couple the cap savings with the fact that he’s a 3-4DE and Saleh runs a 4-3. Cap savings will be somewhere in the 6.9 million range (terrible at math, feel free to correct me here) 

Second thing is I think we’ll be using a FB in our offense under Lafleur. Is the 9ers FB a free agent? 

Finally, really interested to see what Saleh thinks of Marcus Maye. I think the number 1 priority right now before free agency starts ( outside of picking a staff ) is re-signing this guy. He’s a true Jet imo. No idea what it would cost, but what about franchising him? Is that an option? I don’t think Maye would be the guy to sit out, I think he would play on the tag. 

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