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Free Agency & Draft Post Saleh Hire


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- FS Marcus Maye [4 Years] 

- CB Brian Poole [3 Years] 

- ILB Neville Hewitt [3 Years] 


Free Agency:

- OG Joe Thuney [4 Years] 

- WR Kenny Golladay [4 Years] 

- CB William Jackson [3 Years] 

- EDGE Melvin Ingram [3 Years] 

- CB Dontae Johnson [1 Year, 49er FA] 

- DE Kerry Hyder [1 Year, 49er FA] 



Number 2nd Pick to Carolina Panthers for 8th Pick + 2021 2nd Round Pick + 2022 1st Round Pick [Provided Enough Draft Capital to Draft Up for QB if Darnold Not Our Guy] 



1a. WR Ja'Marr Chase 

1b. DE Zavin Collins 

2a. RB Najee Harris

2b. CB Caleb Farley 

3a. OT Trey Smith 

3b. TE Brevin Jordan 


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I love Chase round 1 on a trade down.

I like Caleb Farley a lot, but nearly everywhere has him a top 15 pick, if not top 10. He’d be on my list of backup plans in round 1 should I trade down and all the pass catchers are gone.

Also - and this is an open question to anyone who knows - because we’re in the Shanahan system offensive now, we’re likely not taking running backs with high picks - right? 

I see that Najee is round 2, but he’s the 34th overall. Dalvin Cook and Clinton Portis were round 2 guys in this system, but they had home run hitter ability. I love Najee but I don’t know if he fits that mold or this offense. 

Starting to become a big fan of Michael Carter from UNC for this offense. 

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The Jets will likely be switching to a full 4-3 defense.  

The only LB they have that works with that is Mosley in the middle.  

So, its a good thing they have draft picks, because they will need at least 3 new LBs, and there will not be much of a need for the tweener LBs/DEs.  

DBs should be a bit better off if we play more of a cover 2 defense, and the DL actually in pretty decent shape with JFM and Kyle Phillips as well as the DTs.  

The offense is obviously a problem.  

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13 minutes ago, TheClashFan said:

Draft a C with the late first or early 2nd.  Move McGovern to RG.  Improve two spots on the OL at once.  Yes, draft a solid RT prospect in the 3rd or 4th round.


In my mocks I've been targeting Lucas or Vrabel alot around that point. Some really solid mid-round RT prospects this year.

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