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OUR new head coach is far more than just a coach...

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On 2/22/2021 at 12:23 AM, Maxman said:

Saleh is coaching to where football is REALLY going.

That should be the new slogan.

Pardon our appearance (picture of Gase mopping the floor), the new go is coaching to where things are really going. We promise.  (picture of Woody yelling at Christopher).

haha nice Max.

Another thing that worries me about Saleh is his input on the offense. Handling the keys to LaFleur might work while LaFleur is here, but what are you going to do once LaFleur gets a head coaching job somewhere else, like Kyle Shanahan did with the Falcons. Their offense fell off a cliff once Shanahan left. 

The head coach should be overseeing offense and defense and essentially being the creative force behind both. This way when coordinators leave, the team keeps going just fine. 

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Literally don't care a whit about any of that.   Just coach the team to wins.   Also, "Muslim" isn't a race. My Turkish wife laughed at the "Muslim American" thing. She said, "He's

"Hey babe, are you going to shovel the sidewalk?" "Be down in a sec! Just doing some race science with my internet sports friends!"

Ugh, who cares. I don’t like to be classified as a bi racial, amazingly good looking, ladies man. I’m just a man damnit. 

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