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Seahawks Spoke with Gase about OC position

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How perfect would this be.  Could really help us out with that #1 pick from the Seahawks next year.   Not to mention that tearful reunion with Jamal.

OMG lol Jamal Adams would flip. This would be comedic gold. 

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3 minutes ago, PS17 said:

Nothing would prove the buddy/nepotism/retread/good ole boy network like Gase immediately landing a coordinator job with an elite QB in place. 

You're right about that. Could also just be the Good Old Boy network plugging him into interviews for jobs he has no chances of getting to start the rehabilitation process.

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Oh the irony. 

there is no way Seattle can be this dumb, right?!

However, he is coaching where football is going I heard. 

Karan coming fast at Jamal. 

coukd you imagine after all the positive changes so far, and if we traded for Watson, what Jamal would feel like?!?!



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A. Jeremy Fowler is a complete hack and should be laughed out of his position.

B. Seattle is clueless and deserve the aftermath


C. Illuminati......and stuff.

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35 minutes ago, y2k8 said:


Please, please, please put Adam Gase and Jamal Adams back in the same building. Please. 

I'm not convinced that Adams will be in that building,  Hawks don't have a lot of cap space if the cap drops as predicted.  Think I read $19M.  Have a hard time seeing them giving it all to a box safety. 

Be a riot if he winds up back on the Jets for around $12M. :)  


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